NAIDOC Week 2017

Throughout the week, the children played various games, such as football, netball, Indigenous games, and many more fun activities.

Tom Butler came in throughout the week to teach the kids how to make their own boomerangs and how to throw the boomerangs. He also shared his stories of hunting when he was a little boy. Sunshine Bay Public School, Mogo Primary School and Batemans Bay Public School came to the high school for a cultural talk with Pal Carriage (Aboriginal Learning Centre Advisor). After the cultural talk, the annual Koori games commenced.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 11.03.21

The annual assembly is where NAIDOC Week is celebrated with the rest of the high school and local community. The assembly began with a traditional dance and a slide show, which displayed all the Koori kids participating. It was an amazing and very cultural assembly. The Aboriginal students from ALC (Aboriginal Learning Centre) threw a colour run for the whole school and it was absolutely terrific.

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Thank you to all of the sponsors for making another NAIDOC Week a terrific one!

– Saltwater Dream
– Onelife Gym

Story contributed by Chloe Towney from Batemans Bay High School. Published in 2017.