What it’s like being an MGoals Trainee

During my time as an MGoals Trainee I have learnt so much about my community and the significant people in the community, which makes my traineeship just a little bit better each and every day within the working role I was lucky to receive. I have made and connected with so many people within the community whilst working and documenting their everyday work lives and their personal lives.

I get to work with kids almost every day and work together with making goals for their lives and completing and smashing through them.

My name is Chloe Towney and I am nothing but proud to be growing up within the Eurobodalla region and seeing changes within our community that excite me. I am originally from Dubbo, New South Wales, and my tribe is Wiradjuri, but I have lived here for thirteen years and I feel a part of our community and accepted into something terrific.

I got asked to look at this traineeship when I was in Term 4 of Year 10, So I was going into Year 11 and needing something more (education wise) so I looked into it more and got invited to an induction day about this traineeship, and it looked very appealing and I wanted to sign up there and then.

I finally started in Year 11 and the first side was actually doing a Certificate in Information Technology and Digital Service Medias, and during that time it was very hard but worth it because I now have a Certificate 3 in IT which is very good and it was a very tough and hard process, but once again very, very worth it.

The support from John Clarke was amazing. John is a very understanding and happy person who believes in you every step of the way and I couldn’t do it without him. When going through module to module with John he broke it down into terms I could understand, not the IT terminology I couldn’t understand.

John was very understanding with my absence. I admit sometimes I would be late completing the modules but once again John was an absolute pleasure and would understand. During the time of studying my Certificate 3, I was a trainee for the TSO (Technical Support Officer) for Kim, who taught me everything about hardware I know.

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I loved working and fixing computers and learning how to re-image computers and making the computer or laptop run faster. I loved being a TSO’s trainee because it means I got to learn so much hands-on and first hand.

By this time I was finished Year 11, going into Year 12 and that’s when the MGoals side started. It was so fun! I met my boss Scott who once again was a down-to-earth, very understanding guy who supported me and encouraged me to go out within the community and do stories, and helped me even with my personal life, Scott was the go-to man about anything, if you had a problem with the work Scott would give you a totally different subject (probably the one you would like) just so you can feel happy and content. I have nothing but respect for Scott and I thank him for everything that he has done for me over the past year.

During my time of being an MGoals trainee, I have done so many stories, I have interviewed quite a handful of people, I have met beautiful people along the way. I am very lucky to work three days a week at Batemans Bay High School in my own office doing stories about the events that go on within the school and also within the community.

I hope someone takes over my spot, you definitely won’t regret anything! It’s the best learning experience.

Story contributed by Chloe Towney from Batemans Bay High School. Published in 2017.